Basic Bundle

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This bundle includes black, white & grey. 
    • The messy wrap is made with a polyester spandex blend that allows our wraps to fit newborn(comment newborn at checkout)-adult. Comfortable to wear all day and grows with your baby.
     Piggies & Clip:
    • Polyester spandex blend 
    • Alligator clip with teeth 
    • Clip: Approx. 5 inches(Size varies due to each bow being handmade)
    • Piggies: Two approx. 3 inch bows included (Each bow varies in size due to being handmade) 
    Teeny & Nylon:
    • Polyester spandex blend 
    • One-size-fits-all nylon headband 
    • Comfortable to wear all day
    • Grows with your baby 
    • Nylon: Approx. 5 inch box(Each bow varies due to being handmade)
    • Teeny: Approx. 3 inch bow (Each bow varies due to being handmade)